How To Get A Virtual Debit Card For Free In India

Get A Virtual Debit Card For Free In India

Get A Virtual Debit Card For Free In India

How To Get A Virtual Debit Card For Free In India

Hey Guys! Another day starts with you beautiful people. Today I’m going to tell you how you can get a free virtual debit card for free. There are lots of companies offering virtual debit cards but today I will tell you the best and the easiest method by which you can get a free virtual debit card.

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What is a virtual debit card?

Electronic cards or E-cards are known as the Virtual cards. These cards are used for Electronic transactions without providing the original details to the merchant.

What can you do with this virtual debit card?

There are lots of things you can do with this virtual card, for example, you can pay anywhere in India or in some other countries as well as you can buy anything with this virtual debit card or you can also use these cards as a use or throw card or another option you can use this as a second card without using your primary card sometime some websites are not trusted but sometimes hectic situations comes where we have to buy those products which we need but at these situations you can use your secondary card as an option for prevention due to frauds happens online these days.

So, How to get this virtual debit card?

  1. There are some requirements which you will need
  2. First of all any identity proof which you have ( You can use your Adhar card also ).
  3. The second thing you need TMW Wallet application for Android.
  4. The third thing you need a Mobile Phone Number.
  5. The fourth thing you need an email account. ( You can use a Gmail account also )
Now the Procedure how you can get a free virtual debit card
  1. First of all download this TMW Wallet application for Android from here.
  2. Now open this application and register in it. In the registration process, it will ask for a mobile number, Email Id, and documents as an identity proof. In that identity proof section provide your Adhar card details.
  3. When you provide these details then you will get an OTP from TMW put that OTP in verification process for mobile number verification.
  4. Now When all your registration process is done then you will see a new window.
  5. Then you will see a “Cards” option at the bottom of that application.
  6. Tap on that option and you will see a new option like “Get your free virtual debit card”.
  7. Tap on that option and you get your free virtual card for free.

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